Academy setup

We carry out the establishment and operation processes of a Corporate Academy in the following phases.

Understanding our company and our expectations

Target audience

Determines the target audience needs to be done

Survey and workshop design

Company resources history

Technological competence and LMS analysis

Financial planning and budgeting

Design of the project team (Company officials, university (s) and consultant (s), if any

Project team meeting dates and working team

Conducting project meetings

Project planning

Description of legal and bureaucratic practices

Competency and / or business objective strategy planning

Establishing Academy regulations and business model

Presentation of training programs

Clearing training periods

Selection of training methods

E-learning content design

Video learning script writing

Presentation designs suitable for adult learning

Selection of trainers from internal and external sources

Outsourcing evaluation criteria

Training of trainers

Logistics planning

History and design of training spaces

Transportation and other mobile needs

Hardware planning planning

Training calendar

Planning communication with the target audience

Academy announcements

Internal and external PR studies

Academy brand and design work

Micro website, social media, documentation and mailings

Measurement and evaluation systems